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Bal Utsav is a non-partisan, professional and non-profit education organization dedicated to creating educated and empowered global citizens. Our initiatives involve out-of-school children, school children, parents and teachers through various online and offline methods.

Our Approach is Holistic

  • Our approach is holistic

    For Out-of-School Children

    Over 50% of school children in the Indian system of education drop out by VIII Standard. Bal Utsav's initiatives effectively address the huge need for effective school education to every child, establishing and operating schools in communities where there is a critical need for quality education.

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  • Our approach is holistic

    For Parents

    Bal Utsav recognises the crucial part played by parents in education and empowerment. Our initiatives focus on enhancing parenting practices and behaviors, using the best trained professionals and using a curriculum that focuses on age-appropriate road maps in learning and development.

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  • Our approach is holistic

    For School Children

    Bal Utsav works with school children across age categories, providing need-based interventions to children, staff and parents on a variety of topics including but not limited to Rights of Children, Ethical Training, Leadership Training, Workshops on Health & Sexual Health and Child Sexual Abuse.

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  • Our approach is holistic

    For Teachers

    Our suite of programs for teachers designed by Bal Utsav focuses on changing the way teachers interact with children, inside and outside classrooms. Bal Utsav’ comprehensive training programs help teachers experience newer ways of learning so that they can make the time that children spend in schools meaningful.

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TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2015

Help educate a child as you run with Bal Utsav for the 8th edition of TCS World 10K Bangalore on 17 May 2015. Education will make all the difference.

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Joy of Giving - A School Bus for our Children

Bal Utsav, in association with Catapooolt, one of India’s leading collaborative online platforms plan to purchase a school bus for children.

27 Feb - 18 Apr 15
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Volunteering is Good

At Bal Utsav volunteers are a crucial part of our organization. Working as one team, we combine skills and experience to create positive change for children. Given our experience of working with and for children, we have realized that if you care enough about the situation, enough to want to change it and do something, you can. Your time and money can transform children’s lives. Let's Go

Donating helps Educate

Your donation to Bal Utsav today will help educate & empower a child.There are so many convenient ways to contribute to Bal Utsav. You could give & support a one-time donation, set up a monthly gift to support more children or you could dedicate your time and resources. Any way you look at it, when you donate to Bal Utsav, you touch lives, and make a difference to this planet.