#‎SelflesslyYours‬, a movement of Children for Children helps raise funds for Bal Utsav

A guest note from Vasundhara of #‎SelflesslyYours‬, a movement of Children for Children who helped raise funds for Bal Utsav.
“People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Bal Utsav is one such organisation which has been actively impacting lives through education. ‘Education makes all the difference’ is the essence of Bal Utsav. 1.4 million children remain uneducated in India, and empowering them through education has become essential to shape a successful future for our country. Industrialisation in India, is exponentially increasing leading to the formation of ‘urban slums’ consisting of construction workers and their children, who will carry on their profession. Bal Utsav strives to break this cycle of poverty by catering to the entire life cycle from childhood to livelihood. They do so by providing a holistic intervention to revitalise government schools in India, benefiting millions of children by making focused and sustainable interventions in the areas of infrastructure, teacher development, scholarships, and hygiene.


In these seventeen years of my life, I have been fortunate enough to have a roof over my head, quality education and supportive parents. My heart goes out to those who have not been as fortunate as I have, and thereby I pledge to put fifty children back into school, by 2017. However, this is not something I can achieve by myself, and I will need your support. I believe that together, we can make all the difference. By donating just Rs.4080, or $60, we can give a child another opportunity, to look at the world through a different perspective- through education. I strive to achieve my goals, through a variety of ventures such as bake sales, paper drives and corporate funding.

I hope that you will help me in my journey, with a donation however big or small. Thank you for your support,

Mahima DevanahalliMahima Devanahalli is a student pursuing her IB diploma at Indus international school. In addition to being involved in helping with the leadership summit for the Indus international community school, she has also participated in an initiative involving manufacturing of organic sanitary napkins for the underprivileged women in the villages of South India. She is also part of the ‘Selflessly Yours’ team who tries to bring smile and hope to the underprivileged children by volunteering with different schools and raising funds. She will also be helping with the NGO ‘Beyond Carlton’ , an organisation which works towards Fire safety. Mahima looks forward to working with Bal utsav to do her part in helping the world because every small thing can make a huge impact.

NimishaNimisha is a student attending Indus International School Bangalore. She has regularly volunteered her time towards activities that contribute to improving life in her community including The Indus International Community School where she worked with children offering free math tutoring, fundraising for the school library, and mentoring Grade III and IV with a science exhibition.

With this focus on education, she has helped create teaching and training materials on basic computer skills for an NGO (http://tejomay-ngo.org/) that focuses on the development of children and empowerment of women & adults through education.

She is now part of an initiative called ‘Selflessly Yours’ (http://selflesslyyours.org/) which focuses on empowering the children of India by supporting and connecting other NGO’s in their efforts by being a facilitating bridge. In keeping with this mission, she has decided to fundraise for Bal Utsav and support their aim of educating children living in poverty in India and around the world.

Hi, My name is Vedant Singh. I’m 17 years old studying in Grade 12 at Indus International School Bangalore. I’m personally very interested in this project and fundraising because I do feel that education is very important for the society and specially for a developing country like India. I personally believe that education will solve several problem that we, as a country, face and would be difficult to solve without it. With this project I am also looking to develop myself and get a feel for the real world. Our first bake sale itself helped me learn significantly for example how to work as a team? Problem solving when things are going wrong and much more. So overall this project as a whole should make a significant difference in our society and raise awareness towards the importance of education.

Vasundhara AgarwalVasundhara Agarwal is a student pursuing her IB Diploma at Indus International School. She has taught herself basic sign language and volunteered her time at SKID- a school for hearing impaired children. Along With this, she has also participated in an Indus initiative, involving the production of sanitary napkins for the upliftment of underprivileged women in the villages of Karnataka. As a selflessly yours initiative, she has worked towards fundraising for the cause of education, and looks forward to do so in the following year. She believes in giving back to society, doing her bit to make a positive difference and bringing a smile to someone’s face.

simran_pahuja_picMy name is Simran Pahuja. I am 16 years old and am studying in Indus International school. Right now I am going to the 12th grade, into my 2nd year of IB. I am taking 6 subjects (3 standard level and 3 higher lever) which are: English, Math & Spanish Standard Level and Biology, Economics & Psychology Higher Level. I am the founder of the Karnataka Chapter of an Organisation called “Selflessly Yours” that aims to support NGO’s by being a facilitating bridge. I would like to help out “Bal Utsav” as I am a strong believer in their mission that without education, the mind becomes easy prey for criminal activities as, children are not given any direction. I also believe that I have been privileged with an amazing education and, that all children should have this opportunity, no matter their background. Additionally, I have always been interested in doing something for the society so, fundraising for this organisation would be a perfect way to do my small part.

My name is Anshul Arya Gouda. I am 16 years old and study in the 12th grade at Indus International School. My subject combination is based around the sciences as i take Physics , Chemistry and Bio. Im pretty sure ive dug my own grave with that choice, Hopefully ill manage. Growing up, both my parents worked in an NGO and my childhood consisted of them being away for long periods at remote villages helping less fortunate individuals. As a child i didnt understand this but as someone who is more mature now i can comprehend that their absence at times was necessary as the work they did was truly benefical. Why im doing this is quite simple, I wish to help in anyway to support education because as a student i realise how important it is. I also believe my parents must have a role in my choice to do work they would be proud of and that means a lot to me.

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