TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2017 | 3 great reasons to join the Majja Run

Running a marathon is super fun and a great way to network with some amazing people. But when you run for Bal Utsav, there is more to it.

When you run for Bal Utsav, you run for fun & an extraordinary cause, and that is what makes you feel a whole lot better than just sheer running in the company of your fellow marathoners. And as we mentioned, here are 3 compelling reasons why your run for Bal Utsav matters, and how your miles will impact lives.

1. Part of a Life-changing Force

When you run for the cause of Education of Children for Bal Utsav, you become part of a life-changing force of fellow runners running with you for the same cause, that actually impact lives and shape destinies. Think of another activity that singularly promotes your well-being and help improve the lives of the coming generations within such a short time-frame. See, you get the idea.

2. Challenging to better yourself

When was the last time you challenged yourself to better yourself, physically ? If you have spend more than a minute thinking, the answer is never. Here is the chance to put more flight into your legs, more power to your sinews, more air in your lungs, and experience the sheer joy of running, which will ultimately help a child build his future !

3. The Majja Run exemplifies the sheer joy of Running

All it takes is just 5 kms distance for your feet, but what your Running effectively does would effectively closing the distance to zero between a child and a deserving education. All it takes is a firm resolve and the belief to challenge yourself to to better yourself.Join the Majja Run and check it out.

In the end, you would have had fun running, the sense of achievement, the happiness of being amongst the company of like-minded runners, and feel proud of having helped in the education of a child.

Let Me Join the Run

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