Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2016 | Run Timings & Route Maps for our Runners

Here are the Run Timings and the Route Maps for all our Runners for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2016 on 20 November 2016. And all the details you need to keep in mind for the Race Day.

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2016 | Run Timings

Races Start Times
Elite Men (Indian and International) 06:40 a.m.
Elite Women (Indian and International) 06:50 a.m.
Amateur Half Marathon (staggered starts for each section) 07:10 a.m.
Champions with Disability 07:35 a.m.
Senior Citizens’ Run 08:00 a.m.
Great Delhi Run 09:35 a.m.

Points to be noted by all Categories

1. All Races Start and Finish at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (JLN). The easiest way to reach the venue is using the violetline and get off at JLN Stadium metro station.

Entrance to the stadium complex: From Gate No. 14 (on the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Marg) and Gate No. 8 (below the Barapullah Elevated Road). Do factor in time of around 50 minutes to an hour to enter Gate No. 14 and Gate No. 8 due to security checks.

IMPORTANT:This edition, running number bib has a unique barcode affixed to it. This barcode is synched to runners personal details, including photograph, submitted in the Event’s run application form. All running number bibs will be scanned at the entrances of the stadium. Persons without a bib or wearing an incorrect or invalid number bib, or where the photograph submitted along with the form does not match, may be disallowed from entering.

2. A post event refreshment pack will be handed over to you at the Nestlé Nutrition Zone beyond the finish line. You will need to show your running number bib to our volunteers for them to handover the refreshment packet to you. Our volunteers will be able to clear the place easier and faster. This is part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan that ADHM is supporting.

Half Marathon Info:

1. Only half marathon runners are entitled to store only ONE BAG at the designated ‘Baggage Counters’ and will be open post race till 10.30 am, please do not leave any valuable like mobile, watches, wattlets – we are not responsible for the same.
2. Warm up at designated zones will be at 6.15 am
3. When you start and upto to finish line, make sure your bib is visible and you step on the timing mat to capture all details of your timings. After the finish line, do not stop – move towards the recovery nutrition zone to clear the space for others.

Great Delhi Run/ Senior Citizens and Champions With Disability to Note:

1. There is no baggage storage facility for participants of the Great Delhi Run category. For security reasons do not get a bag with you on race day. If you do bring a bag with you on race day, please note you will need to carry it along with you during your run. DO NOT carry valuables like mobile phone, camera, jewellery, watch, electronic gadgets, etc. in your bag. The Promoter shall not be responsible for any loss, theft or misplacement of your bag or contents stored therein.
2. Please note, where props are being used by any individual or group, the size of the props should be such which can go through metal detectors and/or baggage scanners placed at the stadium entrances.
There is a separate zone identified for the family, friends and supporters of participants of the Great Delhi Run which will be open between 5:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Entrance to the Participants’ Family Zone is from Gate no. 13, which is diagonally opp. MTNL Building, off Jawaharlal Nehru Marg. You can enjoy the live telecast at this zone. Water and refreshments will be available at a charge. All supporters are liable to undergo checking and frisking by security stationed at the gate. Your cooperation of all is solicited. Also for security reasons, all supporters are requested to come without any baggage.

3. All details about every race is available in the handbooks of every category that can be accessed here:

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2016 | Route Maps for our Runners

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  1. Just one small query, for Great Delhi Run, if there is no storage space, are we suppose to travel in our shorts and t-shirt from home? Won’t it be cold for that since we have to start from home around 6:30am

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