Attendance nosedive, Math Skills absymal as per the 11th (ASER 2016)

The Annual Status of Education Report, ASER 2016 was released in New Delhi today after a break of one year in 2015. This is the eleventh annual report. The report was released by ASER volunteers.

ASER is the largest annual household survey in rural India that focuses on the status of children’s schooling and basic learning. Facilitated by Pratham, the survey is carried out by volunteers from local partner organizations in almost all rural districts of India. ASER 2016 reached 589 rural districts. The survey was carried out in 17,473 villages, covering 350,232 households and 562,305 children in the age group 3-16.

Every year, ASER finds out whether children in rural India go to school, whether they can read simple text and whether they can do basic arithmetic. In 2005, 2007 and every year since 2009, ASER has also included a visit to one government school in each sampled village. Since the implementation of the RTE Act in 2010, school visits in ASER have included indicators of compliance with those norms and standards specified in the Right to Education Act that are easy to measure. In 2016, ASER visited 15,630 government schools across rural India.

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