Our People need your Help

    The global Covid-19 pandemic and its wider impact are unprecedented and is changing the lives of people and communities every second. This is one of the biggest human challenges of our times. Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. The global pandemic is affecting all of our families, our work, our communities, and our way of life.

    World over, Governments, donors, organisations, and communities at large are coming together to face this crisis. We recognise that in India this pandemic will most impact the vulnerable sections of our population and large swathes of India’s children and their families, whom we seek to serve – the vendors, daily wage earners, the gig-economy workers and small businesses.

    As the outbreak of the Covid-19 continues, Bal Utsav is drawing from substantial expertise and lessons learned from the various responses that we have undertaken since the year 2015 and are prepared and ready to respond. This moment reminds us that we are all connected like never before. No person will ever be free from the grip of the terrible #coronavirus if we don’t work together to fight it now. We are committed to helping those in need, and we want to you do everything you can to help out.

    At Bal Utsav, we are responding by doing the following :

    ♥ Paying Funds to Daily Wagers

    ♥ Advocacy

    ♥ Providing Life-Changing Kits

    Bottled Drinking Water (High Priority)

    ₹ 8 for 500 m bottle & ₹ 15 for 1l Bottle

    Cooked Food (₹ 390)

    Provides three Meals for 4 family members for a Day

    Stay-At-Home Edible Kits (₹ 1020)

    Includes Wheat/Rice 5 Kgs, Toor Dal 1 Kg, Edible Oil 1 Lts, Sugar 1Kgs, Tea Powder 250 Gms, Salt 1Kg, Sooji 1Kg, Biscuits, Chilli Powder 200 Gms, Turmeric Powder 100 Gms, Sambhar Powder 200 Gms

    Stay-At-Home Hygiene Kits (₹ 1020)

    Includes Bath Soap, Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush, Comb, Detergent Soap, Dishwash Powder, Sanitary Pad, Face Masks, Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizer.

    Personal Protective Equipment Kits for our Front liners (₹ 3900)

    Includes Viroguard Suit, Face Mask, Chemi Splash Goggles, Nitrile Gloves

    Help Fight Covid-19 : Give Now

    The journey begins with you. This is the moment to step up for the vulnerable. Donations are tax exempted under 80G & 501(c)(3) as applicable under relevant sections of the Income Tax Act/IRS. 100% of your donation is used towards these efforts.


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