Humanitarian work at Bal Utsav

Operation Dayitva (Responsibility) is our state-of-the-art  program to prepare, respond and recover from disasters and  humanitarian crises, especially focussed on children and their  families.

The crisis response and management framework developed by Bal Utsav is today used by various organisations nationally.

Operation Dayitva (Responsibility) is our way to respond to Children and their families affected by Disasters.

Since Children are the most vulnerable in situations like these, we have now developed some of the best practices from across the world for Disaster Response.

Bal Utsav is drawing from substantial expertise and lessons learned from the various responses that we have undertaken since the year 2015 and are prepared and ready to respond in 48 hours to any Disaster. We are committed to helping those in need, and we want you to do everything you can to help out.

We believe that the recovery won’t be swift… but our response can be! Your support helps bring immediate disaster relief and supplies, and long-term recovery so people can rebuild their lives.

The journey begins with you. This is the moment to step up for the vulnerable. Get Involved Now! Change begins with us and there is no us without you.

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Dayitva – Bharat Covid Care Centres in Bengaluru

With the current demand for Hospital Beds in Bengaluru being over 5x of the current capacity, it is important that we quickly add to the growing requirement of beds, by uniting and supplementing the efforts of the Government and the Private Hospitals by adding Turn-Key Bharat Covid Care Centres.

A dedicated Bharat Covid Care Centre will have all the functionalities of a full fledged hospital (General Beds, High Dependency Units (HDUs), Intensive Care Unit (ICUs), Critical Care Unit (CCUs), ICU Ventilator and Virtual ICU (vICU)s.


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Our supporters have done some amazing things to raise money for Bal Utsav online. And they’re thinking of new things to do every day, all made possible with our super-easy platform that gets you going in a few minutes. It gets it done in a simple and convenient way, enabling you to rally your family and friends to join you in your goal to support some really important interventions by Bal Utsav.

Dayitva Contributions

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2018 | Kerala Rains – Relief, Rescue and Rehabilitation

In the first week of Aug 2018, Kerala saw 257% more rainfall than normal. Idukki,

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2019 | Rains & Floods in South India

In August 2019, catastrophic floods caused by incessant rains wreaked havoc in large parts of

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2020 | Responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic

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