What is EduDaan?

Edu Daan is a Student driven movement, currently in its 2nd year, to support lesser privileged children studying in Government Schools at Bangalore, Karnataka (India). This is a unique opportunity to participate in a revolution of young persons who grasp empathy and practice it.

So, how does this work


Key Partners

Bring together corporates, public schools, various NGOs, SDMCs and the Government of Karnataka as stakeholders-partners

Absolute Transparency

Transaparency - EduDan
Provide transparency and accountability in utilisation of funds, so that every single Rupee received finds its intended beneficiary.

Sustainable and Impactful

Sustainable Giving Edudan
Create a reliable, shareable, sustainable and impactful program that is easily scalable and be replicated anywhere.

The funds collected will be used for the following in various Government Schools, where the needs of the school have been validated. Our ultimate goal however is broad, big and bold: That every child, every parent, every teacher and every principal participates in making a difference in the lives of the underserved.

So, where are the funds raised from donations used for ?



We build classrooms and schools to ensure that our students have access to a quality learning environment.
We work with communities who are deeply committed to their children’s education. The communities contribute to the build through labor and materials, while we provide supplemental programming to provide quality learning.

Teacher Development

An effective teacher means that students are receiving high quality education.
We create engaging learning materials to address the lack of sufficient resources in the classroom.
We provide teachers with an interactive methodology through coaching and workshops.
We evaluate student education indicators to assess the quality of our program intervention.


A secondary school scholarship gives students the resources they need for a full year of school.
We use historical data to locate high-need schools whose students are at risk of dropping out.
Scholarship packages include: tuition costs, school materials, transportation and any other fees.
After enrolment, scholarship recipients must maintain at least a 75% attendance rate to continue in our program.


We teach children about WATER, SANITATION and HYGIENE to keep them healthy, happy and provide access to effective education.
WASH ensures all students have access to high quality, safe sanitation facilities.
Since students often lack basic skills, such as regular hand washing needed to maintain proper health.
Throughout the year, we observe students to make sure they are improving their health and sanitation behaviours.

I Pledge My Support To Educate Underserved Government School Children

As a student of a participating school, each child will reach out to his/her family, neighbours, relatives, etc. and collect a minimum of Rs.10 from 10 individuals using a specially crafted Hundi (Collection Box) that are provided to them (free of cost).

List of Participating Schools

The students of participating schools, will do a needs analysis of the requirements of the nearby Government school and will facilitate the rollout of the intervention apart from following up and ensuring the state of affairs at the Government School, change for the better. We believe this will help forging a relationship between students from two diverse socio-economic groups.

Yes! I want to my school to be a Guardian of Hope

  • Co-ordinating the Edu Daan 2015

  • Getting the Hundis

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Bal Utsav

Bal Utsav pioneered the idea of the ‘Joy of Giving Week’ in Schools in 2013. For Edu Daan Bal Utsav will facilitate the rollout of WASH, Teacher Training & Schlorship programs. Bal Utsav will also do an Impact Assessment and share the same with all the stakeholders. Know more about Bal Utsav

India Cares Foundation

India Cares Foundation is the Philanthropy partner for TCS10K & Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. For Edu Daan they will receive contributions from corporates & school and create standard formats for MOUs with NGOs-Corporates, draft CSR proposals, and will also audit, review & report beneficiary impact and implementation progress. Know more about India Cares Foundation

On behalf of the volunteers of Edu Daan, we wish to extend our heart-felt gratitude to the following organisations for their commitment in making this movement so successful.

Your generous contribution helped make our vision a reality by helping to offset the cost of facilitating the coming together of over a 100000 children and over 100 schools to become a change maker and support the underserved children in Government Schools.

We would never be able to do what we do, without the generous support of caring corporates like those listed here.

TE Connectivity
Fulcrum Global
Laguna Clothing
ASM Technologies
Wolken Software
Indo-American Chamber of Commerce

To engage your employees and be a guardian of hope to the underserved children in a Government school, please contact us at

How you can be a part of EduDaan


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