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Your wait for the new Race Day for #TCSWorld10K Bengaluru has ended !  See you at the start line on 13th September 2020 !

Bal Utsav thanks you for your trust and support in these trying times.

With the COVID 19 pandemic impacting millions of lives all over the world, and each of us facing  unprecedented challenges, at Bal Utsav,  we are focusing all our energies only on responding to #Covid19 for now. We continue to remain motivated and are committed to work with that same zeal to deliver the rescheduled edition of 2020 TCS World 10K Bengaluru to be held on 13 September 2020.

Stay Safe! Stay Indoors!

Your Registration Fees Includes the following :

  • Application Fees and a confirmed slot for the marathon. (Inclusive of all taxes and surcharges)
  • Assistance and facilitation by the Runners Care Team of Bal Utsav for your bib collection at the bib expo.
  • A 80 G Receipt (eligible for tax exemption) for the entire amount paid as a part of the sign up.
  • The amount mentioned include the application fees for the participants, and a nominal donation of Rs.500/- towards supporting Bal Utsav’s initiatives centred around #EducationMakesAllTheDifference.
Did you know that running for Bal Utsav can help you and your Career?

You will get a recommendation by Bal Utsav on your LinkedIn profile recommending your spirit of Social responsibility and driving passion & desire to promote education in India.

The details of race categories and the donation for individuals are as under. The amount mentioned include the application fees for the participants, and a nominal donation of Rs.500/- towards supporting Bal Utsav’s initiatives centred around #EducationMakesAllTheDifference.. All age specifications are as of 17 May 2020.

Race Category Distance Eligibility Fees
Open 10 K 10 Kms 15 yrs and above Rs 2000
Majja Run 5.7 Kms 12 yrs and above Rs 1400
Sr Citizens Run 4.2 Kms 60 yrs and above Rs 800
Champions with Disability 4.2 Kms 12 yrs and above Rs 800
Your application is subject to the confirmation criteria and application rules and guidelines set out by the event promoters from time to time by the organisers. Please do not apply for the Open 10K if you cannot complete the run in 1 hour 30 minutes. Application received with a timing certificate will have a higher chance of being confirmed. You can also submit your latest timing certificate for the half marathon or marathon race category too.

Note: Timing certificate of a relay race will not be considered.

Runners for Bal Utsav, please note

You must have participated in a distance running event which fulfils the following requirements :

  • The running event must have been conducted within the period of 24 months preceding TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2020 race day, i.e. 17th May 2020.
  • Timing of only Marathon (42.195 km), 25 km, Half Marathon (21.097 km), and 10 km distances will be considered for the Open 10K race category. Timing certificate of a recognised timed relay race, where an individual covers a distance of minimum 10 km, will be considered to qualify for Open 10K race category.
  • To be eligible for this confirmation under this criterion, your timing certificate needs to show your finish time as specified below:
Distance participated in Marathon (42.195 km) 25K Run Half Marathon (21.097 km) 10 Km
Finish time 06:54:00 or faster 3:58:00 or faster 3:18:35 or faster 1:30:00 or faster

  • The timing certificate needs to be from a running event, where the course is measured either by an accredited IAAF AIMS measurer using the calibrated bicycle method (refer to the event website for a note on calibrated bicycle method) or by a local state athletic association representative using a GPS measurement device. Measurement by GPS device has been found to underestimate course length by approximately 200m over a half marathon distance so the target reading for a GPS measured half marathon should be 1% more than the advertised distance, i.e. 21.31km. Equivalent GPS device target lengths for other race distances would be: 10km: 10.1km; 20km: 20.2km; 25km: 25.25km; Marathon: 42.62km. The measurement report must be uploaded onto the official website of the event.
  • All runners are compulsorily timed using the RFID technology. Timing tags must be pasted on to the bibs before handing over the running number bibs to the runners – timing tags must not be handed out loose to the runners.
  • The provisional timing results are displayed on the website within 12 hours of published close hour of the race.
  • Outside of running events promoted by Procam International (viz. the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, the Tata Mumbai Marathon and the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K), THE TCS WORLD 10K BENGALURU DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY RACE AS AN OFFICIAL QUALIFIER and no advantage may be sought by any participant claiming a finish time from any such race
We strongly recommend that you seek advice from your doctor before you apply to participate in the TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2020. It is unfair to you and your family to risk serious illness and be a part of a medical emergency on race day. Most medical emergencies during the race day occur in people who have been unwell but do not want to miss the race.

2 ways to Raise Funds for the Cause of Children’s Education with Bal Utsav

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