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Tata Steel Kolkata 25K 2018 – India’s first AIMS accredited 25km, will be held on 16th December 2018. The 5th edition under the title sponsorship of Tata Steel, the TSK 25K 2018 is focused on Indian running talent, giving India’s professional and amateur runners from Kolkata and around the country, a proven platform to showcase their talent and experience the rarefied atmosphere that pervades such a sporting event. Bal Utsav, will be an active participant in this edition of the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K 2018.

By registering here, you will be able to reserve a space for yourself, receive a customised T-Shirt and will be informed about the bib collection process. On successful completion of payments, you would receive an email with crucial information on completing the run registration process. Please click on the link in the email you receive and follow the instructions.

Your Registration Fees Includes the following :

  • Application Fees and a confirmed slot for the marathon. (Inclusive of all taxes and surcharges)
  • Assistance and facilitation by the Runners Care Team of Bal Utsav for your bib collection at the bib expo.
  • A 80 G Receipt (eligible for tax exemption) for the entire amount paid as a part of the sign up.
  • You help educate a child and thus contribute to a safer and progressive nation
Did you know that running for Bal Utsav can help you and your Career?

You will get a recommendation by Bal Utsav on your LinkedIn profile recommending your spirit of Social responsibility and driving passion & desire to promote education in India.

The details of race categories and the donation for individuals (Domestic applicants – i.e. applicants residing in India) are as under. The amount mentioned include the application fees for the participants, and a nominal donation of Rs.500/- towards supporting Bal Utsav’s initiatives centred around #EducationMakesAllTheDifference. All age specifications are as of 16 December 2018.. Please do not apply for the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K 2018 if you cannot complete the run in 3 Hours.

Race Category Distance Eligibility Fees
25K – Half Marathon Run 25 Kms 12 yrs and above Rs 1500
10K Timed Race 10 Kms 12 yrs and above Rs 1200
Anando Run 6 Kms 12 yrs and above Rs 850
Sr Citizens Run 4 Kms 60 yrs and above Rs 700
Champions with Disability 4 Kms 12 yrs and above Rs 700
Entry to the half marathon race category is only against a timing certificate, unless an applicant is applying against the ‘Women’s Criteria’ or for the charity running places, as elaborated below. In order to apply for the half marathon race category of the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K 2018 against a timing certificate, both applicants and race organizers must have fulfilled the requirements mentioned below under each criterion, as the case may be. Applications for the half marathon race category of TSK 25K 2018 shall be accepted subject to confirmation criteria and the entry rules and regulations mentioned on the event website alone.

Timing Criteria

  1. You must have participated in a distance running event which fulfils the following requirements
  2. Timing of only Marathon (42.195 km), 25 km, Half Marathon (21.097 km), and 10 km distances will be considered for half marathon race category. Timing certificate of a recognized timed relay race, where an individual covers a distance of minimum 10 km, will be considered to qualify for half marathon race category.
  3. To be eligible for this confirmation under this criterion, your timing certificate needs to show your finish time as specified below:
Race Category Finish time
Marathon (42.195 km) 07:18:00 or faster
25 Km Run 04:11:00 or faster
Half Marathon (21.097 km) 03:30:00 or faster
10 km 01:35:00 or faster
Confirmed applicants of the Half Marathon (25 kms) Run category will be eligible for priority line-up on race day within the line up area, based on the finish times mentioned in the timing certificate submitted along with the Run Registration Form.

Section Section Start Time ( Hr : Min ) Section End Time ( Hr : Min )
A —— Under 01:45
B 01:45 Under 02:06
C 02:06 Under 02:33
D 02:33 Under 02:57
E 02:57 Under 03:21
F 03:21 and above + participants without a Timing Certificate

Half marathon line-up sections give above are indicative and may undergo a change which will be communicated on the event website https://tsk25.procamrunning.in/ post close of all registrations. Please note, on race day timing results and certificates will be generated only for runners who complete the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K 2018 distance within 3 hours from the start time.

We strongly recommend that you seek advice from your doctor before you apply to participate in the Tata Steel Kolkata 25K 2018. It is unfair to you and your family to risk serious illness and be a part of a medical emergency on race day. Most medical emergencies during the race day occur in people who have been unwell but do not want to miss the race.

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