Help Bal Utsav raise funds to buy a school bus for underprivileged kids

Help Bal Utsav Buy A School Bus for to help Educate Our Children

Bal Utsav wants you to help children reach their dreams, literally.

Our Children of Construction Workers Program, which educates and empowers kids who have to tag behind their parents working on construction sites has now 13 centres across the city of Bangalore and Coonoor where these kids come in for learning. Each centre has about 150 kids. However, many find it difficult and unaffordable to commute unguided all the way to the centres. In order to over come this obstacle, we plan to purchase a bus to collect the children from various areas and bring them to their respective schools.

For starters,  the bus will be used for the travel of kids of upto 2 centres in Bangalore.

Bal Utsav, in association with Catapooolt, one of India’s leading collaborative platforms has now put together a page to fund this objective, for everyone who believe in the power of ideas and want to be part of the change they wish to see happen. We need your support to ensure these children stay in school and continue to value what education can do for them.

There are a host of Exciting Rewards that we have put together across any denomination that you would want to contribute.



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