Bal Utsav is responding to Rains and Floods in South India

Karnataka & Kerala are reeling under the brunt of nature’s fury. The destruction that the rain and floods left needs our immediate response. We need to move on to what we can do to help, while we realise that there is a need for introspection on sustainable growth and urban planning.

Many parts of the states are badly affected as a result of the heavy downpour. Houses have been inundated displacing many. Normal life in the city has been disrupted. Thousands of people are stranded and are left without the basics – water, food, dry clothes, blankets, etc. Bal Utsav is continuously monitoring the children and the communities they come from in this hour of crisis.

If you want to donate relief materials, and have not yet done so, please donate NOW! Because there is a HUGE GAP between the quantum of supply of relief material and the needs on ground. The requirement is actually 15 times more than the supply!

Your support will help us reach out to children and families affected by floods.


100% of you donations go towards the relief and rescue operations of those affected by the Floods.

Your support to us will have an immediate and substantial impact on people in the various areas of Karnataka and Kerala who have lost everything. With your help, Bal Utsav can provide the much needed supplies, make Relief Camps more functional and help rebuild the public spaces (like schools, medical centers, etc) that make each of these places such an amazing place to live for the locals.

Will you help get these towns on its feet again as quickly as possible?

Any amount you decide to donate will be very much appreciated and will make a huge difference in the lives of our fellow citizens whose lives have been upended. Together, we can restore of affected parts of India to the place that we all know and love.

I would love to Donate for South India

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Your can help with Material

Here is what can be donated at our collection centres in Bangalore and sent to our office in Bangalore: This list has a list of material that can be of immense help to stranded fellow citizens across flood hit areas, survive over the next few weeks.

Essential Materials

– Antiseptic Lotions (Dettol/Savlon)
– Battery Operated Torch
– Bed Sheets
– Blankets
– Buckets
– Candles
– Cotton Sarees
– Diapers
– Dhoti/ Lungi
– Drinking Water Bottles
– Face-masks
– Footwear (Small / Medium / Large)
– Gloves
– Lighters
– Mugs
– Nighties for Women (Small / Medium / Large)
– Power Banks
– Sanitary Napkins
– Shirts / T Shirts (Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large)
– Soap Bars
– Steel Plates
– Steel Spoons
– Tetra Packs of Juices
– Tetra Packs of Milk
– Toothbrush (Small / Large)
– Toothpaste
– Towels
– Umbrellas
– Undergarment for Boys and Men (Small / Medium / Large)
– Undergarment for Girls and Women (Small / Medium / Large)
– Washing Powder
– Washing Soap

Essential Food Items

– Biscuits (No Cream Biscuits)
– Chilli Powder
– Coconut Oil
– Coriander Powder
– Dhal (500 grams/ 1 kg)
– Rice (5 kg / 10 kg / 50 kg)
– Rusk (Not Bread)
– Salt (500 grams/ 1 kg)
– Sambar Powder
– Tea Powder
– Tinned Food
– Turmeric Powder

Essential Medicines

– Paracetamol (Tablets and Syrups)
– Antibiotics (Tablets and Syrups)
– Anti Histamines
– Anti Diarrhoea Drugs
– Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI’s)
– Bronchodilators
– Anti fungal ointments
– Analgesic tablets and ointments
– Cough Syrups
– Adult and Paediatric Drugs

Avoid These !

– Used Clothes are an absolute No!
– Do not send food that may not last long (No Perishable Food).
– Do not send match boxes. Lighters are easier and safe to transport.
– Do not send torn or soiled clothes.

Collection Centres

Bal Utsav Office at Marathahalli

Bal Utsav
℅ CEFI Studio, #105 (#785), 2nd Cross, Ayappa Layout, Munnekolalu, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, 560037

Kartik's Mithai Shoppe - Indiranagar

322, Chinmaya Mission Hospital Rd, Binnamangala, Hoysala Nagar, Indiranagar,
Bengaluru, 560038

Kartik's Mithai Shoppe - Marathahalli

No.19, Outer Ring Rd, Next to Canara Bank Krishna Senate, Aswath Nagar, Marathahalli,
Bengaluru, 560037

Kartik's Mithai Shoppe - Whitefield

No. 3/4, Opposite Savana Sarovara Hotel, Near Hope Farm Junction, Whitefield Main
Road, Bengaluru, 560066

RBANMS Alumni Association - Ulsoor Lake

℅ RBANMS First Grade College(Day/Evening)
Opposite Ulsoor Lake No 12, Annasawmy Mudaliar Road, Rukmani Colony, Sivanchetti
Gardens, Bengaluru, 560042
+919880701180 and +919900032082

Triveni Trading Corporation Warehouse - JP Nagar

#731, 17th cross, JP Nagar, 6th phase, 24th main, Bangalore – 560078.