Here is Bal Utsav’s Hashtag for the TCS World 10k Marathon 2014

People on various Social Media platform find hashtags among the most confusing aspects of the system.But it’s an extremely useful convention, and it’s actually a simple idea, worth getting your head around.

Because there’s no way on the various platforms available today to categorize a message or to say, “All these messages are about the same thing,” users created an ad hoc solution: When somebody wants to designate related messages, they come up with a short term and prefix it with the # symbol. (In programmer-speak, that symbol is a hash mark, and the term is a tag; thus the “hashtag”.) Others add the hashtag to messages about that topic — and then anyone can search that hashtag and find all the related messages.

This year, your efforts at the TCS World 10K Marathon in Bangalore is truly appreciated as you have chosen to be present for the future.To combine each of your efforts and be able to continue to better mould our digital efforts we request you to share all your experiences of the marathon, using the hashtag #PresentForTheFuture. Remember, the use of the hashtag has become so ubiquitous that it has now become odd not to have one.

Hashtags help event all of us organise our online conversations and stay connected virtually long after the event itself has run its course. We would love for you to use Bal Utsav’s hashtag for the TCS World 10k Marathon 2014 #PresentForTheFuture in all your online conversations and help spread the Cause far and wide on the Worldwide Web.

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