Join Us as we start bringing life-changing education to 25 Schools in rural India, from June 2017

Donate to Education of Children Bal Utsav

Since 2009, we have been time and again asked when can children in Rural India experience Bal Utsav . While we believe that India lives in her villages and not in her towns, we have largely been urban centric in the activities we have carried out so far.

Today, we are happy to announce that within the next 45 days we will be rolling out our successful whole school revitalisation model in rural schools as well, 25 schools in rural Karnataka have been identified for the same and focussed and sustainable interventions will begin in all of these schools in June 2017.

You can give a little or you can give a lot. The craziest thing we can do is not be a part of this. Because Education is the only way. The way to break the cycle of poverty. To achieve global equality. To make a bright future possible for all.

Our efforts towards #EducationMakesAllTheDifference can make a BIG difference, but we need you on our team ! Please share this with those you think who would like to be a part of inspiring hope for a better future.

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