IAO is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve educational standards all over the world. It operates globally, granting accreditation to traditional, non-traditional, and vocational educational providers. IAO and its alliances work together to improve the education standards in the respective regions by evaluating and accrediting traditional, non- traditional and vocational education providers.

IAO evaluates institutes based on their patented “Points Profile System” where in they don’t just look at one or two aspects of the institute, instead categorize all the aspects that make a respectable educational facility and break them down into subcategories, awarding each category with a separate points system, which ends up with an institute being evaluated and ranked on each aspect that it upholds. The information on said evaluation is gathered by its batch of appointed Chapters, who are all highly qualified educators themselves, besides this, being a global organization they use their extensive educational circle to gather and shortlist adequate information about any given institute that helps us determine its validity and status as an internationally viable institute.

Benefits of IAO accredited Teacher Training & Certification Programs at Bal Utsav

Academic Support
IAO’s accreditation would cover the courses offered by your prestigious institute, and should you decide to introduce new courses down the line, we would be more than happy to inspect the material and accredit the courses before they’re formally launched so they can have a strong base to start upon.

International Accreditation with Regional Recognition:
IAO’s accreditation not only enhances the institute’s profile on a regional level but on an international level too, which will result in increased students enrollments.

International Benchmark in Education Standards:
IAO’s accreditation ensures that the educational programs of your establishment are easily comparable to any other education provider in any part of the world. IAO’s accreditation gives you a competitive edge over all regional and international educational institutions.

International Acceptability & Promotion:
IAO’s accreditation ensures that the degrees and credits of your institution will have increased acceptability around the world by other educational institutions and corporate sector. IAO’s accreditation will serve as a platform for International promotion of your institution by IAO’s participation in educational events and online educational portals.

Access to IAO’s Publications:
To help maintain and enhance your educational standards and practices, IAO will periodically send its publications to your institution to keep you updated on the latest developments pertaining to the accreditation standards around the world.

Participation in IAO’s Events:
IAO’s accreditation will provide an opportunity to your institution’s staff members to participate in IAO’s conferences and seminars. It will also encourage sharing of information, technology and resources on quality assurance standards and good practices on an international level.

Placement Services:
Your prestigious institute will have access to IAO’s exclusive job placement portals and exchange programs for both students and faculties. These programs do not just target regions, but we aim to bring international institutions together by arranging for seminars, workshops, and exchanges between institutes of different countries with similar courses.


The IAO Accreditation Process : A Video