Teaching Workshops | “A Sound Education” by Mr. Aurelio at Spastics Society of Karnataka

Bal Utsav, in association with the Spastics Society of Karnataka is organising “A Sound Education“, a two-day workshop for teachers at the Spastics Society of Karnataka premises by Aurelio, communal artist, activist and educationist, based out of Auroville.The aim of this workshop is to expose educators to the possible applications of sound in their specific field and can be held as an intro to specialized teachers training. The basic session immediately works on the parameter of experiential and discovery learning.

When : 6th and 7th of April 2015, from 10 am to 3 pm

Where : Spastics Society of Karnataka, Indiranagar

Who benefits : Anyone who has taken Teaching as a career

Entry : An advance payment of Rs. 3000/- (Rupees Three Thousand Only) to reserve your seat in the program

No of  Seats available : 10 ( On first-come-first-serve basis )

Inclusions : The consultation fee for the workshop, Expert Facilitation, Equipment & Venue

Exclusions : Travel to and from the venue, Tea/ Coffee, Lunch & Participants will be required to bring a chart paper, marker, material for their notes

More about “A Sound Education” Workshop for Teachers

“A Sound Education” works on the premise that the human embodiment is a progressively evolving instrumentation of original Being in momentary Becoming. The core of our existence, experienced in silence, expresses itself through the ‘song of our life’. The mood and melody of this our life’s tune is determined by our inherent disposition and conditionings of our upbringing, environment, motivations and aspirations – and can be positively transformed through becoming aware of its ‘composition’ and consciously re-tuning to the ‘central tone’ of our being.
Using the symbol of the human ‘Instrument’ participants explore in playful and contemplative exercises and reflections the basic elements of its constitution and will learn to listen to and express the uniqueness of their own ‘sound’, will re-cover the gift of their creativity, find a strong and healthy tonus in the physical, and the power of a focused vision.

Even if we are professionally trained and experienced in the work field there is always more to learn, to discover and to integrate. The key to growth lies in the hidden potential inside and can be uncovered and stimulated through creative activities and expression. Knowledge of self brings understanding of others, facilitates pragmatic skills and eases technical and methodological comprehension. The means of creative and musical discovery lie in the voice and its multifarious expression, the body and its versatile movements, the emotions and their diverse palette and the mind and its rich resources.

Through experiential exercises and spontaneous unfolding intuition we explore
– the receptive poise, listening
– concentration, breath and body rhythms
– voice, sounding, toning and chanting
– authentic movement and dance
– playful improvisation
and arrive at
– a deepening of our perceptions of self and the other
– a nourishing and regeneration of our creative potential and
– a fresh outlook and renewed enthusiasm for our private and professional life.

Through heightened self awareness of ones own creative potential challenges in the professional life can be seen as opportunities for progress and to strenghten engagement and comittement on the base of inner balance. The exposure to Sound Play can open new vistas of possible application for personal growth and in the service oriented educational and caregiving field.

About Aurelio

Aurelio Aurelio describes himself as a communal artist, activist and educationist. He has studied linguistics and music ethnology, followed by explorations in music and consciousness, harmonic science and music therapy.

He has traveled extensively, practiced organic farming and led a contemplative life style in the Austrian Alps. Settling in Auroville,South India he gained experience in administration, construction and community building. Aurelio has been part of the Auroville Dance Company and Adishakti theatre project, touring India with both.

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He initiated an art project for village children and produced cross cultural theater and dance performances, which led to the foundation of ”Mohanam Cultural Center” in a local village. He has worked in unending education programs from kindergarten to youth, adult trainings and consultancies, and with the aging and the dying.

He directs Svaram, a Vocational Training and Musical Research Station,(www.svaram.org) and develops new musical instruments and music ceremonies. He works with sound healing modalities and active participatory music therapy settings in Verite Integral Learning Center and Quiet Healing Center where he also utilizes a good collection of world musical instruments in individual and group work.

Applying his experiences of indigenous cultures and integral yoga psychology, Aurelio continues to explore the meaning, importance and place of Sound in education and Awareness and Healing Ritual in the life-cycles of the individual and the collective within the context of this planetary culture of transition.

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