When you run the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2016 with Bal Utsav, you impact lives

Running a marathon is no more about testing one’s physical endurance and stamina alone. Distance running, specifically as Marathon Events in the urban milieu is gaining a level of acceptance and participation that seem to working on a lot of levels hitherto unexplored – the most delightful amongst them being corporate participation in Marathons.

As a recent news article reiterates, “It motivates and unites, while for some runners, it’s almost a Zen-like experience. Physical fitness, it would seem, is a bonus.”

Run the  Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2016 with Bal Utsav

When the Running elevates to Running for a Cause, the experience can do wonders in terms of self-worth and commitment to a cause that impacts lives. Bal Utsav’s cause – #EducationMakesAllTheDifference had 347 pounding tarmac for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2015 – most of them proud representatives of the companies they work for.

We would love you to get up and run for a cause, starting with #EducationMakesAllTheDifference.



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