#WhyIRun | Namitha for Bal Utsav | TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2016

Briefly introduce yourself (Occupation, Location, Interests, Hobbies, etc) : I am Namitha Acharya, CTO at Offineeds.com, Bangalore which is a B2B e-commerce store that sells stationery and office supplies to Corporates. My interests include travel and adventure, outdoor activities, public speaking and video blogging.

Why did you choose to run for Bal Utsav? : Ramesh and Binu are great friends and I truly appreciate the work they do for children. This is my small way of supporting them.

Are you an ardent runner and what does running for a cause mean to you?
: I love running, it is a form of meditation for me. Running for a cause to me means creating awareness about the issue at hand and get people’s attention so that they can contribute in any which way they can.

How much donations do you wish to raise for the cause of #EducationMakesAllTheDifference during the 2016 Edition of TCS World 10K Bengaluru? : I haven’t really thought about this.

What’s driven you to run and raise money? : Running is a passion and if this passion can benefit even one child, then why not.

What are your biggest challenges as a runner? : Getting back to running after a break is my biggest challenge.

What’s one piece of advice you have for other runners? : Enjoy your run thoroughly and concentrate on your breath. Running becomes meditative.

What was the feeling of being involved with Bal Utsav and its activities? : This is my first run for Bal Utsav and I am sure I am going to love it.

Do you think that the cause of #EducationMakesAllTheDifference could make a difference? : Absolutely, if there’s anything that can help our country progress, it is education and more so that of girl children.

What does it mean to be back in 2017 for the cause of #EducationMakesAllTheDifference ? : In 2017, I wish to be back with a big group of like minded people who will support Bal Utsav.

What would you say to motivate more people to run for a cause? : Running is a great way to stay fit and while you are helping yourself, you are also contributing towards making someone else’s life better. The satisfaction you get out of running for a cause in unbelievable.

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