#WhyIRun | Vikas for Bal Utsav | TCS World 10K Bengaluru 2016

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Briefly introduce yourself. (Occupation, Location, Interests, Hobbies, etc) : I am businessman as well as a student born and raised in Bangalore. I have been running in marathons since a year, done a few 10k’s and a half marathon. A few of my passions are trekking, travelling, hiking up mountains, running in marathons, exploring the unexplored, satisfying my curiosity, I love anything adventurous and which helps me grow beyond my limits. I like preaching love and humanity, helping others. I am an artist, love to make paintings and drawings, also a foodie, storyteller, free adviser, philosopher at times etc etc.

Are you an ardent runner and what does running for a cause mean to you? : I am passionate about running but it’s a passion which has developed into me only a year back. Long way to go and lot more to achieve with this new passion of mine. I had done a few fund raisings when in school and now doing it after a long time. Running for a cause would totally be a very different experience and it will be a blessing one.

Why did you choose to run for Bal Utsav? : This is the first time I am running for a cause. Education is the most powerful weapon in this world; if you are educated you can achieve anything and everything without worrying about your background. I wanted to run and raise funds for an NGO which was working towards the cause of educating poor students. One reason of choosing this cause was also because one of my friends, she is going to be a teacher and it’s her dream to start a school for dropouts and underprivileged students. Her dream and also my belief in education inspired me to raise funds for this cause and honestly I had not heard much about Bal Utsav before. One day on facebook I got a notification about your NGO and then I checked that you were doing great work in the cause of educating underprivileged children’s and that was the moment I decided I will run and raise funds for Bal Utsav.

How much donations do you wish to raise for the cause of #EducationMakesAllTheDifference during the 2016 Edition of TCS World 10K Bengaluru? : I am trying to raise 50,000. I have done 50% till now and with few more days left will achieve my target.

What’s driven you to run and raise money? : I will be running and sweating for a cause what a wonderful experience it will be. This time I will not only run for myself but for those underprivileged children’s who will get quality education and will be able to fulfil their dreams.

What are your biggest challenges as a runner? : My biggest challenge is only to beat myself and better my record with every run. I run to challenge myself and push my limits of endurance.

What’s one piece of advice you have for other runners? : Honestly I am not that level of runner who can advice other runners. But I would like to advice those people who dream and think of running but can’t do because of whatever reasons. Get up guys and start running you will feel the kick and that kick will get you the feeling of flying.

Are there best practices you have found that make your event successful year after year? :Training, practicing and having healthy eating habits.

What was the feeling of being involved with Bal Utsav and its activities? : The feeling is simply great and looks like I am blessed to be part of such a noble cause.

Do you think that the cause of #EducationMakesAllTheDifference could make a difference? : Definitely it will make a difference. Education gives the wings to an ordinary person to fly. It will give the power of dreaming to an ordinary soul. It will make a huge difference in the life of a deprived child and that child in turn will bring a huge difference to the society, to the country and make this world a better place.

What does it mean to be back in 2017 for the cause of #EducationMakesAllTheDifference ? : It will mean a lot to me and whatever we do should be in continuation so that we can derive the best results.

What would you say to motivate more people to run for a cause? : Running we are doing it for ourselves and running for a cause is running for others plus for ourselves. It gives us the feeling of utmost bliss and being blessed.

Do you have a defined goal for your timing on race day? : My best till now is 60 mins and this time I want to complete my 10k in 50 mins.

How has your family reacted to this challenge? : My family is always confused with whatever I do. Whether it’s hiking up mountains or running in marathons, but still they support me.

The financial outcome from 2016 will be applied in providing whole school transformation of Government schools, are you optimistic? : Very much optimistic and hope to see the funds being used in the right way.

What is your running goal for 2016? : Goal is to better my previous record and at the same time feel the happiness of running for a cause.

A runner you admire? : Milind soman. He is my inspiration and I just wish to run along with him once in my lifetime.

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