An opportunity to be heard on Radio

On the occasion of Republic Day, Bal Utsav and Scientific Research Foundation Presents ‘Bal Mela’ – A Painting and essay writing competition for school children from diverse backgrounds.

On 23rd January 2010, children from Army Public School, Bangalore – K. Kamaraj Road; Mountain View Institution – Chikmagalur ; Sarkari Samyukta High School – Coxtown, Bangalore and Guild Of Service Home For Handicapped Children, Chennai – A school for speech and hearing- impaired; will put pen to paper about what Freedom means to them. The event is aimed at targetting children from diverse backgrounds and capturing their thoughts in words and colors about what ‘Freedom in Republic India’ means to them in a fun filled manner.

Bal Mela, is an effort by ‘Bal Utsav and Scientific Research Foundation’ whose vision is to cherish every child’s dream by bringing them together under one roof regardless of their caste , creed, color, religion and financial status. Being an organization that deals with issues that are common across different segments of society, while continuing to be sensitive to diverse backgrounds and geographics.

This event promotes the cause of constantly working towards a fete’ where the smiles of the tiny tots jubiliate the world and their inner soul and empower the lives of children by celebrating their joys and imbibing in them the zest of achievement. The event will be held for children from the high school (Classes 7-10) and the results will be announced on the 26th of January 2010 when the winner of the event would get an opportunity to be heard on Radio.

Students can register themselves by contacting the school office and filling out the registration forms available there.

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