Your Donation to Bal Utsav helps enable empowering a generation with education, help change destinies, chart new courses, and re-imagine our possible future. We believe Education Makes All The Difference. You could donate Monthly or as a One Time Gift to our Education programmes.

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Ready to be a part of something bigger than yourself?

Bandhan is a unique monthly giving program of Bal Utsav with 100% of every rupee you give, going directly towards educating a child.
By signing up – You’re making a difference, every single month. Invest in a world where every child gets the education they deserve.

Give Education

Your monthly donation can #ReimagineEducation and give a child year long education in a model school . 100% of online donations go towards educating children.

Why Give Monthly

It’s Affordable

By giving monthly, you invest in what makes sense for you and make an incredible impact during this Bandhan. And Education is a smart investment – in people, in futures and in possibilities.

It’s a Community

By joining Bandhan, you join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making a sustained commitment to #EducationMakesAllTheDifference.

It’s a Sustained Commitment

Monthly donations enable us to invest in specific areas of our work, expand our programs and innovate within the classroom because we know we have the ongoing support of the amazing Bandhan community.

It’s Exciting

You’ll receive quarterly updates from the field, Through these updates you will certainly know that Education is the way. (The way to break the cycle of poverty To achieve global equality and to make a bright future possible for all.)


Dayitva – Support during Crisis

Since 2015, Bal Utsav has responded to various Disasters and Pandemics. During these operations it was reiterated that it takes immense love in one’s heart to invest in families you’ve never met but want to support, in times of need and we have been very very fortunate to work with amazing individuals and organisations who made this possible.



iShaala – These schools represent the hope of tomorrow

Together we’re creating a future where all children have a chance to succeed. We do this through our flagship programs – iShaala. An iShaala is a model school in India that is internet powered, involved & inspires communities. Lack of quality resources is one of the biggest reasons children drop out of school. Know how we #ReimagineEducation .



Sampoorna Shaala – Empowering Students, Transforming Schools & Changing the World

Together we’re creating a future where all children have a chance to succeed. One of our flagship programs – Sampoorna Shaala aims for this. A Sampoorna Shaala is a model school in India that Empowers Students, Transforms Schools and Changes the World. Know how Sampoorna Shaala reimagines Education.


Run a Fundraising Campaign

Our supporters have done some amazing things to raise money for Bal Utsav online. And they’re thinking of new things to do every day, all made possible with our super-easy platform that gets you going in a few minutes. It gets it done in a simple and convenient way, enabling you to rally your family and friends to join you in your goal to support some really important interventions by Bal Utsav.