Child Rights and Right To Protection

As parents, teachers and anyone from the citizen sector working with children, one must very well know Child Rights and Right To Protection. This will ensure that all children in your ambit are protected from all forms of Exploitation, Abuse, Inhuman or degrading treatment and Neglect .

While all children need protection, because of their social, economic, or even geographical location, some children are more vulnerable than others and need special attention.

These children are:

Homeless children Migrant children Street and runaway children Orphaned or abandoned children
Working children Child beggars Children of prostitutes Child prostitutes
Trafficked children Children in jails/prisons Children of prisoners Children affected by conflict
Children affected by natural disasters Children affected by HIV/AIDS Children suffering from terminal diseases Disabled children
Children belonging to the Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes


( The girl child within all categories is even more vulnerable. )

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