How are you managing your children with computers

As your child begins to explore computers as a tool to review letters,numbers, colors, shapes, and other early childhood concepts, it is important you do a good job of managing your children with computers. If you choose, you could provide online content that teaches and reinforces classifying, sorting, counting, measuring, and problem solving.

Please keep in mind that the use of the computer at an early age should be interesting and entertaining for your child. Content is being improved constantly and it is easy to keep informed about appropriate programs by visiting a computer supply stores, or a large bookstore not to forget prominent search engines. As you and your child work on the computer, take the opportunity to foster awareness of letter-sound associations. Check out some content that is interesting for your child, such as a children’s encyclopedia. The two of you can locate interesting topics and search for information.

For instance, if your child shows an interest in how the eye functions, sit down at the computer together and view the encyclopedia. Together, you can read information, view a diagram of the eye, and watch a video clip that demonstrates how the different eye components work together. After you finish with the encyclopedia you can search on-line for various sites that relate to your topic, gaining far more information than would be possible to access at home without a computer.

As many parents have discovered, there exists an ever-growing amount of materials to supplement a child’s education. When a young child takes a language class, a parent may be unable to offer much assistance at home if the parent themselves cannot speak the language. One can however use the world wide web optimally and introduce the language and also allow children to play games and sing songs in the language being learnt.

This can be an excellent supplemental tool for a child to use at home, increasing his/her familiarity with the sounds of the language and exposing them to more applied vocabulary than is possible otherwise.

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