The impact of poor sanitation, unsafe and inadequate water supply and inappropriate hygienic behaviour is known to be disastrous for children and is a significant case of death amongst younger children. It also has a terrible impact on the health of school going children resulting in WASH related illnesses.


Children spend long hours in schools and the physical environment and cleanliness significantly determine the health and well being of children.Too, often, schools are places where children get infected because disease spread faster turning schools into unsafe places where diseases are transmitted with mutually reinforcing negative impacts on the children, their families, communities and overall development accelerated by limited ventilation and unsanitary conditions.

Ensuring perfect learning environments

Countless schools suffer from lack of access to safe drinking water, sanitation and facilities for hand washing with soap. Good Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in schools is essential to ensure a learning environment that enables children to reach their full mental and physical potential.

Bal Utsav believes that children are key agents of change. As children spend most of their time in schools, this is the place where they should learn and be motivated to perform good Water, Sanitation and Hygiene behaviour – washing their hands with soap at critical times, always using toilets properly and drinking safe water.

How Bal Utsav promotes WASH

In order to promote WASH knowledge among school children and to ultimately facilitate life-saving behaviour change, we teach kids about Water, Sanitation and Hygiene to keep them healthy, happy and full of hope for a better tomorrow. Bal Utsav’ interventions towards WASH in Schools improves the health and learning performance of school-aged children – and, by extension, that of their families – by reducing the incidence of water and sanitation related diseases. Every school where WASH initiatives are implemented, enables us to keep the school environment clean and free of unpleasant smell and inhibit the transmission of harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. A gender sensitive approach in Schools also enables us to design, construct and renovate facilities as part of the learning environment. Therefore stimulating and promote appropriate hygiene practices among children. Since, students often lack basic skills, such as regular hand washing needed to maintain proper health. We observe students to make sure they are improving their health and sanitation behaviours.

Let Me join in the WASH Program for a Child

[ The estimated cost of sponsoring a child’s WASH program would be $120 or Rs 7,500. You could pay it online here. ]

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