Redefine children’s education to nurture love for learning

What is the real meaning of education? What is the purpose of getting an education? Do we need to redefine children’s education in India? The answers to these questions are crucial to what we are trying to do here through our endeavours.

The challenges pertaining to education are varied and on multiple levels. There are children who have never seen the inside of a school and there are those who have managed to attend school only to quit due to a constraint, mostly financial, or due to ignorance which doesn’t allow them the motivation to get educated. And then there are children who get an education by the virtue of being in a supportive environment where going to school isn’t a luxury. These are children who go to school without having to fight for their right to education.

The question that begs to be answered here is how contributive is this education? This is the larger question that looms over the education system in the country today.

Along with imparting an education to our children, do we encourage the ‘love’ for learning and a thirst for knowledge? The onus is on us, the teachers, parents and the patrons of education, to inculcate a spirit to seek out not just knowledge but also garner wisdom. The wisdom that helps a child evolve into a proud, polished, stand-up individual. Aside from an education that provides children the skills and know-how to make an honest living, what’s imperative is an education that teaches them to value what they have, to share their knowledge with others, to understand and respect diversity, and to nurture politeness and kindness as uncompromised virtues.

When children learn to value the process of learning, education follows, as a matter of fact. When children are passionate for knowledge, they begin to understand the purpose of education which kindles further their desire for excellence and growth not only for themselves but for others around too. The rest is the ripple effect.

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