Run For A Cause Bigger Than The Finish Line

Did you know that each step you take at the TCS World 10 K for Bal Utsav will help us with educating Non School going children?

Imagine what thousands of runners who choose to make their experience more meaningful by running on behalf of a Bal Utsav can do to all those millions of children who are currently out of school.

Even as India celebrates an impressive jump in the literacy figures, a staggering eight million children are still out of school. There is a huge need for effective school education to every child, thus the need to unite and supplement existing efforts.

Without an educated population, India will be unable to sustain a strong rate of growth. Without education, young boys and girls will never benefit from the country’s progress and prosperity. Education is a chance for a better life and we want every child in India to be able to atleast read and write.

For that, it is crucial to understand the problem and then build effective strategies.
We at BalUtsav have been doing this by establishing and operating schools in communities where there is a critical need for quality education. The type of programs introduced in an area is based on the needs of that community, such as pre-school programs, learning support classes and urban-learning centres.

Support Bal Utsav, choose from one of these options:

When you decide to run for this cause or raise pledges for Bal Utsav, you’re making sure that by putting your right foot forward you will be helping these children to learn to stand on theirs.

There are many ways you can help, including educating your friends, colleagues and family about Bal Utsav and what we do.

Download Our Appeal – Share it With People Who Care.

From the TCS World 10k Bangalore 2012

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