Running for Charity is a fabulous motivational tool

Running for Charity and raising money in the process go hand in hand. Whether you’re looking at running a 4K, 5.7K or the 10K marathon, we can guarantee that you will see the Bal Utsav charity vests in the running crowd around you.

Even if you don’t enter a race that has been specifically organized on behalf of Bal Utsav, you can choose to raise money in return for your efforts just by letting Bal Utsav know your plans. We will supply you with a fundraising kit and we will always be grateful for however much you can raise.

Fundraising not only helps those in need, but it will help you to stay motivated when training, as you won’t want to let down the children that you have promised to help. It also helps to take the pressure off of chasing a time, as it is the finishing that matters. It’s best to pick a charity that you feel passionate about, as this will help to encourage you even more. Make sure that you set aside enough time for fundraising, as you don’t want to be leaving it to the last minute – you won’t need the extra stress come race day. First, set up a pledge on the website that can collect donations, then set a fundraising target, accept payments and pass the money on to us at Bal Utsav. This cuts down on admin work for you, and saves you chasing for sponsorship after the race. Send the web-link to everyone on your email list and social networks, and remind people every couple of weeks. Update your page too, giving people an insight into your training – this helps people to engage with your challenge and makes them more likely to contribute.

The key to fundraising is to not be afraid to ask.

Next, get a traditional sponsorship form and collection box. Use these to take into work, school or the gym – anywhere where there are a lot of people who might want to help our cause. Make sure that they fill out their full addresses, so that we can send them the receipts that enable them to get a tax exemption (for Indian citizens only). If you set yourself a target of over 5 Lakhs, then you need to start to think about hosting an event. Things like quizzes, raffles, cake sales and the like encourage people to part with their money, as they are getting something in return. It also means that people who have already sponsored you the traditional way might want to contribute more to attend an event. Make sure that you publicize your event as much as possible, get friends to spread the word and ask the venue to put up posters and a collection jar near the entrance. The Donor Supporter team at Bal Utsav will be able to help out with stickers, banners and balloons as well, so ask us what we can do to help with your fundraising – it’s in our best interests to do so, as in the long run you will raise more support and resources for the children we work with.

If you are running with friends, then you could form a team and wear matching outfits to make you stand out on the day. And don’t forget about your workplace either; many companies will offer to match what you raise, or give you a contribution towards your target. If you are running as a team of colleagues, then you are likely to get an even
better payout.

The smallest of donations can make a huge difference, so encourage people to give anything that they can. Every time someone donates, make sure that you say thank you personally, as these are the people that will help carry you through the big event.

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