The A – Z list of fundraiser ideas for Bal Utsav

Here are a set of fundraiser ideas for Bal Utsav to help you get out there and have fun while raising money. It is much easier than you thought !

Art competitions
Charge a small fee to view the displayed work and then auction it off.

Barn dances (Casual)
Charge an entrance fee for an evening of dancing.

Car boot sales
Raise money while getting rid of all those unwanted bits and pieces.

Dance the night away to raise money for Bal Utsav.

Sell all that stuff in your attic on the ebay auction website.Then donate 10 –100% of the profits.

Film night
Charge entry and sell drinks or popcorn to boost your fundraising.

Garden parties
Sell tickets to your friends and family and enjoy tea, cake and sandwiches in the sun.

Head shaving
Get sponsored to shave your head.

Indulgence evening
Let your friends indulge in a little of what they fancy – from chocolate treats to free massages.

Job swaps
A fun sponsorship idea to give you a break from your usual routine.

Keep fit-athon
Get sponsored by the hour or, for the truly fit, a full day of exercise.

Letter party
Pick a letter from the alphabet and base everything around that letter… dress code, food, drinks and music.

Matched giving
Ask your employer to match the money you’ve already raised. Double the cash.

Non-uniform day
Fed up with wearing the same clothes everyday? Pay Rs.100 to dress however you like. Or wear the silliest clothes you can find and get sponsored for the embarrassment.

Online giving
Set up a Giving page – then email the link to all your friends so they can sponsor you online.

Party the day or night away, inviting everyone you know. Charge an entry fee and make it double for those not in fancy dress.

Quiz nights
Easy to organise and always popular with the crowds.

Recycle unwanted mobile phones and used ink cartridges to earn money for Bal Utsav.

Searching the web
Next time you search the web, pick an article from our blog that you find interesting and share it with your friends. Leave a note on your social profiles asking your friends to support the cause of children.

Organise a tournament of your favourite sport, charging teams to enter and offer prizes to the winners.

Unwanted gift sale
Your unwanted gifts could be somebody else’s treasure.

Variety shows
Give friends and colleagues a chance to show off their true talents.

World food night
Prepare and sell a selection of dishes from around the world.

X marks the spot
Organise a treasure hunt with every team paying to enter.

Yummy cake sale
Bake some tasty treats to sell to friends, family and colleagues.

Zany tie day
Charge Rs.100 to participate, and fine those who don’t Rs.200.

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