Walk with Bal Utsav to help Stop Abuse at the XSEED Walkathon 2014

XSEED, the social initiative of XIME is organising the XSEED Walkathon 2014 on 23rd November 2014, with the theme “Women Empowerment – Fight against Women and child abuse“. Bal Utsav is proud to be part of the XSEED Walkathon 2014.

XSEED is a student body which works on projects that contribute towards the social and educational empowerment of the people in the society. With a volunteer base of around 250 active volunteers engaged in several projects. XSEED believes in giving back to the society by nurturing proactive managers. Through the activities of XSEED such as visits to old age homes and orphanages, blood donation camps, career counselling etc. we do our bit to make the society a better place for the lesser privileged.

About the Theme – Women Empowerment – Fight against Women and child abuse

The abuse of Children and Women in all forms is serious issue that our plagues our society. There are many direct and subtle ways in which various children and women are subjected to abuse. Through this event, XSEED aim to spread awareness regarding this and at the same time sensitise the society towards the victims. It is safe to say that there is something that each of us can do which will definitely make a difference to those affected children and women.

Walk to spread awareness with Bal Utsav. Register yourself rightaway.

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