Bangalore Mirror | Old school, New school

The government high school in Agara in Bengaluru is abuzz on an usual sunny afternoon in December. It is recess time and the children are busy with conversation and games. Just over three years ago, this school did not have electricity in one whole block. Drinking water was a problem and generally the school had a run-down look.

Between 2018 and 2019, an NGO called Bal Utsav, which had been working on creating model schools for years, brought about a big change in Agara’s government school. “This school has around 800 students, in grades eight, nine and 10. When we first came here, an entire block did not have electricity. Between 2018 and 19, we got electricity for the school, added fans and lights, painted the buildings, and set up a water filter that does not depend on electricity,”

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