This Diwali Let Us Do Small Things With Great Love

Diwali, the festival of lights and warmth, has different meanings for different people. It is a celebration full of festivities, illumination and lots and lots of sweets. It could be a long-awaited get-together for some friends and families, exchanging of gifts with relatives, friends or business interest to please them. While you are busy celebrating Diwali with sweets and lights, remember that festivals are not only about enjoying or partying with your friends or near and dear ones but also about spreading joy and warmth around and thinking about the deprived and make some contribution towards society according to your capabilities.

When everyone is in festive mood there are some children who wake up every morning with a hope that they will finally be able to Smile. When the whole world is busy celebrating the festival of lights there are those who are working their little bodies to be able to afford a meal that evening. When we are planning lavish parties or buying white goods, children dream of riding a bicycle or playing with friends in a playground and enjoying the festivities with their families.

When our children are busy in celebrating Diwali, there are some children who are wearing torn clothes, when every house is decorated with charming rangoli paintings with diyas, and colourful electric bulbs, they are left with no food, clothes, shelters and disastrous toilet facilities. In this era of smart phones, and gadgets it is true that we are progressing, getting sophisticated but perhaps our society is also loosing morality and ethics, there are very few who are really concerned about destitute sections of the society.

While we are busy celebrating Diwali with sweets and lights, we should remember that festivals are about spreading joy around and can always make some contribution towards the society according to our capabilities. Diwali is an excellent time to start thinking about helping other people, especially who are in urgent need of support and care. This could include providing food, clothing and toys for families to enable them to experience the joys of the Diwali festival. Giving warmth, love and hope. That’s what Diwali should be all about.

Perhaps we are living in this misconception that spending hundreds thousands on God shall make him happy. Little children do not require too much but your smile along with few sweets or packets of crayons or a drawing book can bring instant smile on their face, it also boost the morale of the parents, some kind words of yours work as a miracle to them.

So let’s celebrate this Diwali as a festival of kindness and spread smiles and happiness around by visiting some children, remember what Mother Teresa said “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”

Diwali : The Festival of Lights

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